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Die - Flags With Pop Up Motives - Fähnchen - Creative Depot

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Product information 

The Flag with Pop-Up Motifs punch die is a fantastic eye-catcher for cards, layouts, and gift boxes. The flags are long enough for you to fold the end and beautifully place them over the edge of the card. Each flag has a different small pop-up motif to choose from, including a heart, star, and angel wings. Soon, you will find the first examples from our design team here.

Each flag measures approximately 4.50 cm in height and 1.40 cm in width.

We have gathered many great ideas for this punch die on Pinterest and in our creative collection. Take a look and get inspired.

Attention: This punch die is a set of 3 individual dies connected with fine metal tabs. These tabs can be easily separated using side cutters to obtain the individual die shapes. Marion has also written a small guide on how to best separate the tabs HERE.

The punch die works with common die-cutting and embossing machines (DieCut systems). You can use it with cardboard, felt, fabric, and shrink film.

Material: 100% steel Made in the USA


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