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Florilèges Design

HERBARIUM - Clear Stamps- Florilèges Design

SKU: FDCL223006Florilèges Design

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Dimensions: 10 x 15 cm. 

The clear TEXTURES HERBARIUM stamp from the HERBARIUM collection can be used for your DIY scrapbooking and fall card making creations.

Florilèges Design transparent stamps are photopolymer quality .

Made from an innovative and very resistant material, they offer great fineness of pattern. Their UV-resistant composition prevents yellowing and their more porous surface than silicone ensures very good ink adhesion. All varieties of inks are compatible with this material, as well as water-based markers (especially for the multi-inking technique).

How to use transparent stamps?

  • After removing the stamp from its protective sheet, position it on a transparent acrylic block.
  • - Apply one or more colors of ink then  print the pattern on the support.
  • - After use, clean it immediately then place it back on its protective sheet.
  • For good durability, clean the stamp with a stamp cleaning fluid  or lukewarm water and do so in the open air to preserve all its adhesive power.

The possible coloring of the stamps after careful cleaning (especially the red ones) is in reality a guarantee of the quality of the product, it is due to the composition of the stamp: a porous polymer which perfectly restores the pattern. These residual pigments after cleaning the pad do not alter subsequent prints.

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