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Die - Ticket Strips - Creative Depot

SKU: CD-Di-690Creative Depot

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Product information 

Die - Ticketstreifen

Do you still remember the cool ticket strips from the cinema or the fair?

With this cool punch set you can design three different ticket strips. On one strip you have 4 tickets each with an embossing, on the second strip the tickets are without embossing and on the third
strip a small window falls out. The third strip can also be used as a frame flush with the other strips.

The strips have a length of approx. 20.0 cm 
and a width of approx. 2.4 cm.
The individual tickets have a length of approx. 5.0 cm.

The punch works with standard punching and embossing machines (DieCut systems).
You can use it for cardboard, felt, fabric, shrink wrap.

Material: 100 % steel

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