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Wax Seal Stamp - Do Not Open - Sealed For The Holidays Collection - Spellbinders


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Do Not Open Wax Seal Stamp is from the Sealed for the Holidays Collection. It has one wooden handle that supports a round brass seal stamp design on its end. The design is a double border circle frame with a snowflake in its center. Do Not Open is placed on the top and the bottom, with Until Dec 25 in the center.

Sealed for the Holidays brings classic touches of wax seal designs to the season. What better way to send off a card or gift with a personalize accent from you! Mix and match with other items in this collection or options from the Sealed by Spellbinders line.

How to Use:
Melt wax beads and pour onto the project surface.
Place wax seal stamp into warm wax and let stand.
Remove the stamp to reveal the design.
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